Step into the spotlight as an exhibitor

Join the exclusive fair designed for companies, job seekers, and newcomers in Germany. As an exhibitor, you will showcase your brand, connect with over 1,000+ migrant talents, engage with a diverse audience, and play a crucial role in shaping the future and building meaningful connections.

Motorwerk Venue

Why partner up with Migrapreneur

Partnering with Migrapreneur opens the door to a dynamic event where discovery, connection, and development play a central role. Here's what makes our event an invaluable opportunity

  • Great opportunity to connect and bring together over 1,000 attendees, foster valuable connections, and expand your network.
  • Engage with the best talent: Reach out to our community and engage with top talent, students, young professionals, and tech enthusiasts.
  • Increase your visibility: Get greater reach and visibility. The sooner you book, the sooner we'll start promoting your brand to our wider community.
  • Inclusive events: Events organized with the express purpose of bringing equal treatment for everyone, regardless of skin color, gender, culture, etc. We firmly believe that talent is not limited by any boundaries.
  • Overall, the partnership with Migrapreneur offers organizations a unique opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of migrants, support business innovation, and contribute to building a more resilient, inclusive, and prosperous society in Germany.

Hurry and secure your spot before they're all gone!

  • Best spots go quickly: The quicker you book, the better location you secure for your stand. From rostrums to communication spots and workspaces, availability is limited.
  • Don't miss out: This is an opportunity you won't want to miss. Be part of the action and secure your spot now! Secure your presence today and be part of the buzz at the event!
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Frequently Asked Questions

It's all about boosting awareness and building profound business relationships with critical partners and skilled talent. Use your chance to get in touch with 1000+ attendees, to evaluate opportunities and challenges, to find business partners, and learn from others.

At Migra24, we provide a comprehensive platform for exhibitors, offering unique opportunities to enhance your presence.

Connect with investors: Interact with 1,000+ attendees eager to experience the next big thing.

  • Share your story: Connect with journalists and influencers, amplifying your startup's story.
  • Get perspective: Connect with experts from a variety of industries, from SaaS to FinTech, to gain valuable insights.
  • Find co-founders and employees: Use a unique beer carousel framework to impress and recruit top talent.
  • Build valuable alliances: Navigate the dynamic startup ecosystem, discover opportunities, and form lasting partnerships.

We ensure offline and online logo exposure for all exhibitors on our event website, on our social media channels with exceptional exposure, and on-site at the event.

Spots are limited - that’s why we handpick all exhibitors through an application process.

  • Click on the Book a call with us button above
  • Give us detailed information about your company and let’s have a call
  • Get feedback from us within a couple of days on the status of your application

While prime locations are limited, acting swiftly to contact Migrapreneur via email at increases your chances of securing an ideal spot for your exhibit.

No prime location? No problem! At Migra24, success isn't just about your booth's spot—it's about proactive engagement and strategic networking. Engage attendees, host workshops, and maximize digital presence to make a lasting impact.

Migra24 plans to attract more than 1,000 immigrant talents in the future, ensuring a diverse and dynamic environment conducive to networking and collaboration. With strong engagement expected, Migra24 offers unprecedented opportunities to connect, learn, and grow.